Friday, 30 March 2012

workwear outfit

Top of the morning to you

Just thought I'd post a quick OOTD of what I wore to work on this sunny spring day!
Black Blouse = Tesco by F&F £14

 Skirt = New Look (last summer, £10 in sale!)
 Tights = Primark (probably £2-£5)
 Black heeled loafers = Tesco by F&F £19.50
Blazor = New Look £25

If you'd like to see more OOTD's for work wear, let me know!

All my <3

Sunday, 25 March 2012


Another lovely day in the sun 
I travelled to a place called Eastover today for my step brothers 18th birthday meal. There's something I enjoy (LOVE) about getting ready for a meal, I love putting outfits together for that formal yet unformal event. My inspiration for this outfit came from nowhere, I liked the idea of a statement dress with a pastel blazer but I thought adding edgy old school cloggs would complete the look for casual but smart. I took a few snaps of of what I was wearing for you guys.

 Dress = River Island (this season)
 Cloggs - Primark

 Pastel blazer - H&m
 Lace vintage bag = New Look
 Midi dresses have such a flowiness to them, these dresses are perfect for a holiday walk or meal in the sunset!

Awkward angles eyy, I heard that's what photographers like...




I don't know if your similar to me (please.. someone out there!) but I have a very bad storage system going on for where I keep my necklaces. My shorter and collar necklaces are in boxes, and my long necklaces hang on two hooks from the back of my bedroom door. So yes, when someone opens my door at the dreaded 6AM, I am firstly woken up by the sound of all my necklaces bashing together, and on top of that (oh yes, theres more negativity) I don't even take a second look at my necklaces, as they are too hard to tangle through.

So one day my gorgeous mamma, Rita, came home with a special present for my sister and I.

£2 of fantasticness! Primark have really started to create homeware pieces that are genius. They have created a hanger with 11 handy hooks to hold all of your belongings. I have used it to sort out my necklaces.

It has so many purposes. As it is in a hanger format, you could hang this in your wardrobe.

And for the AMAZING and quite realistic jaw dropping two english pounds!

So I've managed to organise my necklaces now, however I've still decided to keep the hanger on the back of my door. Maybe the 6AM wake up calls can't be that bad....

How do you store do your necklaces?

All my love, K xx

Saturday, 24 March 2012

I go back to december all the time...

X X O X X XO hello 

The beautiful english (american) rose, curly blonde Taylor Swift came on my stereo and it reminded me of December. The month where you can eat as much as your belly will expand. That sweet, sweet month!

Thought I'd post a photo of what me and my darling boyfriend wore on the special day, the 25th!

My shoes are from new look, last season. My socks are from primark (why pay more?!). My gold DAZZLING dress which I am in love with ..(I'm sure it would look better on someone a teeny tiny bit more skinnier but AH WELL) is from Topshop this season as is my body necklace. Similar here..

Adam (hunky) is wearing a jumper and chinos from Topman.

What did you guys wear on the day? I'd sure love to see! XXX

HOLIDAY OUTFITS % (sun sun sun mmm...)

Hello all you!
So the sun has been blazzzzing hot today in my town. I met up with my boyfriend and some of our close friends, we bought lots of food, disposable bbq's and played games all day in the shining hot sun. We bought ice creams and sat outside on a dekking area with refillable drinks.. then the thought struck me!! Why not post my recent holiday snaps? I visited the beautiful Funchal, in Madeira with my glorious family, it seems to be the most laid back country in the world, and thats why it has a special place in my heart. (Also my Granny and Grandad have a time share there, hehe.)

 This was our second night. From the r: Primark, Primark, Republic
 Top: New Look, Shorts: Matalan, Sandals: Barcelona
 Playsuit: Primark

 Skirt: H&M, Top: New Look, Belt: New Look, Scarf: Primark
 Top: River Island, Jeans: Primark
 Dress: H&M, Ribbon: Beales, Socks: Primark, Heels: River Island
 Playsuit: Primark, Maxi Skirt: New Look

 Skirt: Primark, Head band (worn as belt): Primark
 Earrings: Pull and Bear

 Dress: New Look Midi

 REEM TOPS: present from my older sister >-<
 Dress: I made it myself! X

Dress: CULT

I hope you enjoy these outfits, and I hope they give you some inspiration :)

All my love, K xxx

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Britain & Irelands Next Top Model Tour

Hello lovelys X

Me and four of my girlfriends got VIP tickets to the BINTM tour! It was held in London, at the Kensington Olympia and the gates opened to future happiness at 10AM until 6PM. As we had VIP tickets it meant we were able to sit in a lounge where only VIP's could enter (very posh!), we also had close seats to the stunning catwalk, we were given goody bags filled with loads of beauty goods and were able to meet the disgustingly beautiful models and get there signatures and photos!

Me and Georgia by the VIP lounge

The day was fantastic! There was plenty of stands to see, where people were offering free beauty treatments such as whitening your teeth, drawing on your eyebrows and finding your hair colour for hair extensions. There were plenty of clothing stalls, full of cute little tea dresses, vintage jumpers and aztec print EVERYWHERE!

Revlon cosmetics sponsored this year's event, so you know what this means = free beauty treatments! Revlon had a big stand in the middle of the event, where all there apprentices and trainee's were completing beauty treatments for everyone. You had the choice of a make over, nail treatments / polish or a massage. I can't even explain how truly heavenly it was to sit down, take my heels off, and have a make over!
Me getting my eyebrows done

 Georgia getting her makeup done X

Throughout the day, there was always something entertaining to watch on the stage. The girls and I especially loved seeing Amy Childs new clothing range and pineapple dance studios put on a great jazz / hip hop performance. Close by to the stage, there were modelling classes taking place where you had to have a plate on your head, and walk as fast as you could. There were 20 heats, and which ever lucky 20 won there heat, they had the chance to walk on the stage at the end of the day when all of the modelling scouters were watching out!

 Pineapple dance studios!

 Amy Childs clothing range

My favourite part of the day was 100% the amazing, breath taking and GORGEOUS catwalk. There wasn't only fresh and unique clothing ideas, but there was dancing and singing and roller skates and everything possible!

 The Catwalk

I hope to be at next years event, will you?
Katy xxx